Our fish industry department provides services to both the shrimp industry and the traditional whitefish processing industry, fresh or frozen as well as bacalao.

Our products are available and ready in our warehouse or they are customized by our specialists to meet our customers' needs. We put great emphasis on finding the right solutions that are of premium quality and promote maximum utilization of the raw material. Specific solutions may contain phosphates, proteins, antioxidants, and adhesives for fish production. If preferred, the mixtures can also be free of phosphates.

For less decline in quality and texture when handling fish (fresh or frozen) measures must be taken to keep it from spoiling and turning rancid. Katla’s blends can help you achieve these goals since they reduce changes from freezing and decrease shrinkage from boiling and thawing without any detectable loss of texture.


Shrimp – yield matters.

Those in charge of shrimp processing know how the difficulty of peeling shrimp varies. Processors using Katla Shrimp Blend and Katla After Briner can save time, minimize fluid loss, maintain flavor quality, improve appearance and reduce the loss of quality.



Katla Bacalao Blend can prevent loss of fluid and color change in the fish. For both the producer and consumer, the blend prevents decline in the quality of the fish.


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